Work With Me

Content Creation/Food Styling – looking for photographs to use for your social media pages? I’d love to help!

Recipe Development – I love working with brands that I personally love, to create recipes and share with others! If you have a product and are looking for someone to create a delicious recipe with it, I would love to speak with you!

Brand Ambassador – I love working with brands that I am passionate about. If you have a brand ambassador program and think I may be interested, please reach out

Corporate Speaking Engagements - I love speaking about why I started my account, how to create some of my yummy recipes or anything food & fitness related! I'd be happy to chat options with you! 

Cooking classes – looking for someone to cook for a dinner party or just for your family? I would love to help! If you're local to Austin, see more of what I offer here

Health Coach Services – if you're confused in your health journey or looking for more direction to get started, I would love to help. Certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I specialize in grocery store tours, weekly meal preps, and guidance to help you achieve your nutritional goals. For more information regarding my programs, go here