My Go-To Salad


This is one of my favorites to throw together during the week! I usually always have these items each week too, so it's especially good when you're running low on food or not sure what you want to make. This one always is satisfying too! If you're like me and love sweet potatoes, then you'll love this easy meal too. I'm all about easy & quick throw-together meals, especially during the week! 


  • Mixed greens
  • Sweet potato
  • Kraut 
  • Hardboiled egg 
  • Red pepper


  1. Saute cut up sweet potato in cast iron skillet with a little avocado oil, sea salt & pepper
  2. While that is sautéing, hard boil egg depending on what you are wanting--12 minutes for hard boiled or 6 and a half for a runny boiled egg
  3. Layer everything in bowl with mixed greens, kraut, sweet potato, red pepper, and egg