How to make a creamy scramble


Scrambled eggs are my favorite!! They are definitely one of my favorite things for breakfast & they keep me full until lunch. I often get questions on how to get the creamy scramble down, so I thoughts I'd try to do a step by step with how I make it! And then I love pairing it with avocado, roasted sweet potato & kraut :) so good! 

1) I think a game changer for making them was by using Fourth and Heart ghee. I like the garlic ghee! I use at least a tsp of this in a nonstick pan. My pan that I use all of the time is a T-Fal nonstick pan

2) Set the stove to medium heat. I usually set it to medium and then let it heat up while I crack my two eggs in a separate bowl & mix up. 

3) Once pan has heated as well as ghee, pour egg mixture on pan. Let it form around the sides. I like to use this spatula

4) Using the spatula, pull mixture in from sides. Bringing it all into one side of the pan. Let it form together. 

5) Remove from heat and let the eggs sit in the pan for 30 seconds -minute to fully cook through. 

6) That's it