Easy Lunch Ideas for a busy gal/guy


So lets be honest…sometimes lunch comes and you’re like what the heck do I make!? I want something quick, that won’t make a mess and that fuels me properly. If I don’t have easy things accessible around lunch time, i’ll find myself just wanting to snack right through it. Not the best idea… but there are definitely some things that I’ve found that have been go-to’s of mine for an easy, quick lunch. win/win if ya ask me!!

The best thing about most of the ideas below is that they can be made ahead of time too. Which is even better because then when lunch time comes around you just have to pull it out, fix it up real quick and you’re ready to go.


1) Wraps: these have been my favorite lately! Not only are they super easy to make, but you can totally switch them around to keep them different each time. As long as you have a few things on hand to fill them up with, you can create your own wrap variation. I’ve been loving the avocado, mustard, greens, turkey, and pickles combo. So good! The wraps from Angelic Bakehouse have also been a favorite of mine to use too!

2) Chopped Salads: you all know how much I love my chopped salads! ;) I use this salad chopper and it’s a serious game changer. Top kitchen item I have forsure. I like these salads because you can throw it all in one bowl, add whatever you have in the fridge (a great way to get in a lot of greens as well as use up what you have in the fridge) and then chop it up. Such minimal clean up as well. I’ve made a few variations here of Greek, BLT, Taco salad here too. Perfect to switch around too!


3) Breakfast Hash: this is a meal that I could have for any meal of the day. It’s also perfect to make a big batch of and eat on throughout the week however you want. I’ll make this a lot for breakfast but if not then, i’m usually wanting for lunch! You can change this around based off what veggies you have on hand or that you like. Check out my recipe for a go-to Breakfast Hash here.

4) Chicken, tuna, or salmon salad: another go-to of mine because the options are endless when you make one of these pre-made salads! You can use it to top on a bed of greens, use in a wrap or sandwich, eat with crackers/veggies, top on sweet potato toast..so many options! I love making a big batch of this to have in the fridge for the week. Check out my blog post on simple chicken recipes that you can make with a pot of shredded chicken! It’s a great thing to make and use in a variety of ways, including my chicken salad.


5) Snack box Lunch: if you’re feeling all sorts of things for lunch, make a little snack box lunch! As long as you fill these with items that are going to keep you satisfied, then there’s nothing wrong with doing a snacky type box. I like this box. For example, I like to do some sort of veggies, turkey roll up, a dipping sauce, something crunchy like a chip or cracker, fruit, and nuts.

6) Sheet Pan Meal: the best non mess meal in my opinion. Throw some veggies on the pan with chicken sausage or salmon and roast it all together. Then top it on some greens, add a little sauce or hummus and you’re good to go! Plus depending on how many people you’re feeding for, you can have leftovers!

IMG_6151 2.jpg

7) Burger Salad: I always like to have frozen turkey or chicken burgers in the freezer for something easy when I need it. Some of my favorites are the Chicken Lime Burger from Trader Joes and the Turkey Blend Burger from Applegate. All you have to do is throw them on the stove to saute and I like to put them on greens and make some sweet potato fries in the air fryer. The air fryer is a game changer for quick sweet p fries!! I use this one.

8) Sandwiches: another easy meal that is so satisfying! I love to make turkey sandwiches using a whole wheat or seedy bread, and loading them up with avocado, greens and whatever else! This is also a great way to use the pre-made chicken or tuna salads as well.

9) Lettuce wraps or Turkey Rollups: if you’re not wanting to do bread, I love a good lettuce wrap for something delicious and satisfying! You can do a variety of meals with this even with the shredded chicken or with a rotisserie chicken! I recently made these Chicken Bacon Ranch Lettuce Cups using butter lettuce leaves and they were sooo easy!!

10) Healthy Pasta: there are so many great pastas out there now whether it be chickpea pasta, black bean, etc. you can get some minimal ingredient pastas to create super simple dishes. I love to make a big batch of pasta at the beginning of the week and then making some homemade sauce to use in a variety of ways. If you don’t want to make your own sauce then there are a lot of great ones like the Trader Joes Vegan Pesto and Rao’s Homemade red sauce is another one of my favorites. You can add in a bunch of different veggies with these and then chicken sausage to make a really easy meal that will keep you feeling satisfied. Check out some of my pasta/sauce recipes here.

I hope that this little roundup helps give you some ideas for lunches and ways to switch it up! Let me know if you have any questions! xx